Made from 100% organically grown hemp & other botanical distillations that are completely safe to use, Savvy Fair’s Calm Balm soothes muscle ache, and our Joint ReLeaf eases joint pain.

We are a woman-owned business based in New Mexico.

Savvy Fair Founder Lauren Christy developed these products to relieve her own pain, and now she's sharing it with the world. Here's her story in her words:
"I was born with spinal stenosis, and according to the Mayo Clinic, this 'can put pressure on your spinal cord and the nerves that travel through the spine to your arms and legs.' It may cause numbing, pins-and-needles or pain. In my case, it hurts like hell.  It has progressed over the years, and my whole back, hips, shoulders, and neck are a stiff painful mess.
I became a medical cannabis patient in 2010, but I soon discovered that the usual methods of taking the medicine didn't address my aches and pains.  I continued asking doctors, other patients, and dispensary staff what other ways of taking the medicine were beneficial.
Eventually I heard that one of the natural properties of cannabidiol is that it is analgesic, meaning it relieves pain, and it can be absorbed through the skin.
Starting with some CBD I extracted into organic oil,  I added a bit of beeswax, and a salve was born. After some research and additional experimentation, I found that adding other botanicals increased relief for different sources of pain.
I played around with different botanical distillates looking for specialized properties as well as pleasant gender-neutral scents, and the end result was one combination that relaxes muscles in spasm, and another that takes down the swelling associated with arthritic joints.
The stuff I made for my own use smells great and stops my pain dead in its tracks without any danger of addiction or organ damage.  I was encouraged to share with everyone, and here we are. Enjoy your Savvy Fair products, and please let me know how they work for you!"


The Nitty Gritty about Savvy Fair Products

Savvy Fair uses cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from organically grown marijuana plants as the primary active ingredient of our pain relief products.

Marijuana is composed of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) with some chlorophyll and other trace elements. CBDs have a ton of non-psychotropic uses, one of which is that they inhibit communication from nerve endings to brain. In other words, they make the pain shut up. When a marijuana plant is virtually 100% CBD, it is called hemp.

Savvy Fair infuses raw unfiltered 92° coconut oil with CBDs extracted from hemp and our unique botanical distillation blends that have their own soothing benefits. Organic bees wax is added to turn the oil into Calm Balm.

Our Joint ReLeaf oil uses an organic grapeseed oil suspension infused with CBDs extracted from hemp, and botanical distillations to relieve the pain of sore joints.  The added plant distillations may also ease swelling and inflammation in some instances.

Savvy Fair Relieves Pain Mighty Fast

Important Disclosure: Savvy Fair products do not heal anything; they alleviate pain within five minutes of topical application.

Through continued research, we have learned that everyone has a unique response to analgesics.  For some, the pain switches off like a light; for others the pain recedes into the background where it is hardly noticed.  Coming in Spring 2017: mild, medium, and extra-strength concentrations.

As of October 9, 2001 the DEA has determined that the following hemp products do not alter consciousness in any way and are completely legal anywhere in the US:

  • bird seed
  • clothing
  • cosmetics
  • topically applied products (lotion, soap, shampoo)
  • paper
  • rope/ twine/ yarn

Calm Balm
Our salve soothes
aching muscles.
15 ml jar

Joint ReLeaf 
Our oil that relieves 
swollen or inflamed joints.
10 ml roll-on dispenser

Boxed Set
Want to try both? 
This Set includes both our
Calm Balm and our Joint ReLeaf.