Boxed Set

Savvy Fair

Each Boxed Set contains our Calm Balm and Joint ReLeaf, which are made from 100% organic ingredients and 100% safe to use.

Calm Balm is a salve that soothes aching muscles.
It comes in a 15 ml jar.
Ingredients: Raw unfiltered 92° coconut oil, CBDs, beeswax, and plant distillations.
To get almost instant relief, rub a small amount (about the size of a baby pea) onto the afflicted area. 
Best kept in a cool place, or used within 2 months.

Joint ReLeaf is a clove scented oil that relieves pain from swollen joints.  It comes in a 10 ml roll-on dispenser.
Ingredients: USDA organic grapeseed oil, CBDs, and plant distillations.
For virtually instant relief, roll the applicator ball back and forth over the painful area 2 or 3 times. 
May be stored at room temperature.


It is important to note that these products do not heal anything, they just turn off the pain.


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